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Meet Our Mascot, Benzy!

Benzy is a hard working and loyal mascot!  Benzy likes the attention that has been brought on by his recent rise to fame! Fortunately, Benzy likes to be paid in bones, treats and car rides.  Benzy appreciates all the support and following he has acquired and would like to thank you for taking time to view The Lift Man!

Our Focus

About The Lift Man's owner, Adam Kirk

Adam Kirk has worked in this industry his entire adult life.  Adam has seen big corporate companies taking advantage of their customers and the employees they depend upon.  Adam believes that The Lift Man is the answer to the problem.  The customers that depend on us to keep them mobile and accessible throughout life do not need slow service, un-trained technicians, and greedy management.  Adam has the prompt service and training you need.  Call The Lift Man today and speak directly to Adam.  Let him fix your problem. The Lift Man was created and is owned by Adam W. Kirk.  Adam started this company for the sole purpose of helping people.  Adam started as a technician in 2010 for a well known company in Indiana.  At the beginning of his career with this company, there were eight other employees in his division. Adam became the lead technician in 2013 with four employees in his division at that time.  The division of three people was sold in 2016.  When the sale of the division happened Adam was told he would be expected to work more for less. Adam did not agree to those terms and started an Aging in Place division for small company only focused on bathroom remodel at the time. Once that had been created Adam decided it was time to tackle his own business, his own company, his own way to help people in need of supplies that provide independence. Adam started The Lift Man and is dedicated to the customers The Lift Man provides service for. He is the owner-operator, technician and heart behind The Lift Man.

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We are a small, customer dedicated accessibility company that strives to offer the most reliable service to our consumers.  We offer outstanding customer service backed by unlimited product knowledge and resources.  The Lift Man was established for the sole purpose of helping people and making lives better.

(317) 830-6562